About the group

The Insight Meditation Group, Dublin,  has been in existence for over 
25 years. We meet each Wednesday evening in Dublin area.
This meeting includes a period of sitting meditation, ongoing 
discussion on a book related to the practice. We also have time for 
tea and chat. In addition, we organise one-day, weekend and occasionally longer 
meditation courses.  See the Retreats page for more  information.

We welcome people with little or no meditation experience and more 
experienced meditators, and offer instruction to beginners on the 
meditation practice. We draw inspiration from a number of Buddhist 
sources, but particularly the Mahasi tradition in Theravadan 
Buddhism. Bhante Bodhidhamma has been a guiding teacher for the group 
for a number of years and continues to support us by leading retreats 
and offering advice on day-to-day practice.

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